Isabella Reichel has lectured worldwide on various topics related to cluttering, stuttering, international collaboration among speech therapists, emotional intelligence and addressing negative stigma toward people with stuttering and cluttering. She has presented in 13 countries outside the USA:

    • Russia, 2021 & 2020,
    • Japan, 2018,
    • Poland, 2016;
    • Portugal, 2015;
    • Netherlands, 2014;
    • France, 2012;
    • Argentina, 2011;
    • Brazil, 2009;
    • Bulgaria, 2007;
    • Ireland, 2006;
    • Canada, 2003;
    • Denmark, 2000;
    • Ukraine, 1980.

For 24 years, Dr. Reichel has been teaching a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses in Speech Pathology and Audiology at 5 universities in the New York metropolitan area. She currently teaches at the Graduate Program in Speech and Language Pathology of Touro College. Specifically, for the past 12 years at Touro College, in addition to courses in fluency disorders and other graduate courses and clinical seminars, she has been teaching the graduate course in cluttering which is the only course devoted exclusively to cluttering in the USA.
Dr. Reichel has been coordinating multinational seminars with the members of the Committee of International Representatives of the International Cluttering Association at World Congresses in Europe. South America, and Asia.
She was the lead author of a few articles which were published based on the papers presented at these Congresses.
She organizes zoom meetings with ICA’s international representatives to exchange ideas about research and theoretical and clinical knowledge in cluttering and cluttering-stuttering around the world.